Opportunity posting

Let other companies in myCaribou know what you're looking for or explore new partner opportunities

Whether you're a Manufacturer looking for distributors, or a distributor searching for new products, opportunity posting can help you find the right partners for your market strategy.

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How to Post an Opportunity

Post an opportunity to myCaribou’s global medtech network to find the right partner quicker than ever before.  

  • Click My Opportunity Posts from the navigation panel

  • To create a new Opportunity click "New opportunity"
  • Give your opportunity a title. View our Best Practices Guide for tips on what to include in your opportunity to achieve the best results.
  • You have the option of posting your opportunity anonymously, meaning your company name won't be visible to those viewing the post. Only your company type and HQ country will be displayed.
  • Add a description to explain the opportunity. It is important to describe your value proposition to potential partners and, to specify what you are looking for in a partner company. View our Best Practices Guide for more tips and examples. 
  • Add files if applicable for your post. Attaching a product brochure and/or link to your company website will help respondents evaluate the opportunity before responding. 


Add Questions

    • Add questions for respondents to complete. Open ended questions will return more informative responses which will save you time evaluating the potential partner. 


    Add Matching Settings 

    • Your match settings will help myCaribou find qualified companies to respond to your post.  What you select determines how your opportunity will be found by the myCaribou network. The match score associated with each response you receive will also be calculated using these settings.
    • Select the criteria that is relevant to your opportunity. See a description of each setting below along with an example. 
      • Markets - If you are looking for distribution, warehousing, logistics or market entry support, specify which market you are looking for support in. 
      • Company type - specify the type of company you are looking for. 
      • Certifications & Registrations - Specify the regulatory requirements that your partners must meet. For example, a distributor in the United States might require that all supplier partners hold their FDA certification.
      • Product Categories - specify the product categories that your ideal partner sells. For example, a distributor seeking medical masks and protective ware, would be looking for manufacturers who sell into the "Personal Protective Equipment" product category. 
      • Call Points - specify which types of customers your product is sold to. For example, a manufacturer of X-Ray machines would be looking for distributors who sell into the "Diagnostic and Medical Imaging" department of a hospital. 
      • HQ Country - This criteria is most applicable for distributors who are looking for manufacturers Headquartered in specific countries. You may specify the countries you'd like your partners to be head quartered in OR, use the "not" operator to specify countries that you do not want your partners headquartered in. 

    Publish your Opportunity

    • Save your opportunity as draft if you don't want to post it right away or click "Publish" to make it available to companies in myCaribou

    • After publishing your opportunity, use the "Share" button to copy a sharable link to share the opportunity outside of myCaribou. This is optional but will help you generate more interest in your post. 


    Manage Opportunity Responses

    • Once published, you will be able to monitor the success of your opportunity from the "Overview" tab. You will also receive  in-app and email notifications whenever a new response is received. 

    • Use the "Responses" tab to view and reply to companies who have responded to your post. 
    • Click on the ellipsis to view the response and access the other actions shown here
      • If you've created a shortlist (recommended), you may add companies of interest to your shortlist from this screen. Your shortlist will help you keep track of each lead or prospective partner. 

    • When viewing the response, you may "Decline" or "Reply" to the sender

      What's next? Now that you've posted an opportunity, explore the following tools to help you find partners

      • While viewing your opportunity, be sure to review the "Recommended companies" tab to view a list of companies who match your opportunity criteria. You'll have the option of sending a connection request to these companies and adding them to your shortlist. Click here for more information. 
      • Create a Shortlist to keep track of all your new partner leads. Use shortlists to generate a targeted list of prospective partners,  track your progress with each prospect and share updates with your colleagues. 
      • Search and connect with companies  in our network of over 44,000 medtech companies