Find Partners with myCaribou's Company Search

Explore companies based on your needs with myCaribou's Company Search

To find partners using myCaribou's company search:

  • Navigate to Find Partners in the left navigation panel
  • Click the filter categories to select your criteria

  • When you're ready to run your search, click "Apply filters"


Save your search or create a shortlist

Save your search

  • If you wish to save this search, you can do so by clicking the drop down menu next to "Apply filters" and click on "Save as new search" 

Search 9

  • Save it with a preferred name

Search 10

  • You will find all saved searches at the top of the page, on the companies drop down menu

Search 11

Create a shortlist

  • To create a shortlist, select “Create shortlist”

2-4 - Find Partners update
  • Give your shortlist a name, a description and set its visibility (private, public or custom)

2-5 - Find Partners update

Other options:

  • Click "Add filters" to select the filter categories you want to include in your search

2-1 - Find Partners update

  • Click "Edit columns" to define the columns of information you want to display with your search results

2-2 - Find Partners update

  • If you want to reset your selected filters, click  "New search"

2-3 - Find Partners update