Customize your connection request form

Manage connection requests more efficiently and let potential partners know what you're looking for

Customize your connection request form to collect important information from potential partners upfront. Your connection request settings will help myCaribou score all companies connecting with you, allowing you to see right away which companies fit your market strategy.

After customizing your form, share your form on your website or in an email to manage all partner requests in one place. 

Customize your connection request form

  • Click "Connection Requests" from the navigation menu
  • Click the “Settings” tab to customize your connection request form and define your match settings. 
  • Click “Edit” to enter a message and add questions to your connection request form.
  • Enter a message to tell potential partners what you are looking for. Then add custom questions to collect specific information from companies trying to connect with you. 

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    Define your Match Settings

    •  Click on the Matching settings tab to define your match criteria.
    • Select attributes from the drop-down menus in order to identify what your company is looking for in a potential partner.

    cr 5

    • The match indicator and match score associated with each new connection request will be calculated based on these match settings.


    Did you know, you can manage all partner requests through myCaribou by sharing a link to your connection request form on your website or in an email?

    • Click on "Share" within Connection Request Settings to access your referral link

    cr 2-1

    • Copy the link and share!

    cr 13


    Managing incoming requests

    • To see received connection requests click the Connection Requests tab in your left navigation menu, then click “New Requests”. 
    • To view the request from a company, click on the company name or click the ellipsis to access more actions
    • When viewing a response, you will see the question responses as well as match indicators for each criteria entered in your match settings. 

    cr 8

    • From here, decide if you want to Reply and start a conversation or Deny this request.

    Match indicator explained:

    • Green icon means the criteria is met
    • Yellow icon means on partially met
    • Red icon means the company doesn’t meet the criteria

    cr 8-1

    Managing sent requests

    • To manage requests you sent click on the tab "Sent Requests"
    • To view the contents of the request click "View"
    • You may also cancel any request.