Find Opportunities

Search and Respond to active partnering opportunities

How to search and respond to relevant partnering opportunities for your company:

  • Click Find Opportunities from the left navigation menu.
    • Here you will see a list of active partnering opportunities ranked by how well they match your company profile. 

Tip: Match scores are calculated based on how well the opportunity criteria matches the data in your company profile. Update your company profile to ensure the most accurate match.

  • Click on each opportunity to view the full detail of the opportunity. 
  • If you are interested in responding to the opportunity, click the "Respond" button.  

Advanced Options: Refine your Search & Bookmark Opportunities to Review Later

  • Use the filters at the top of the screen to refine the list of opportunities displayed. 
    • For example, if you are a manufacturer, you should set the "Company type" filter to "Manufacturer" to see all posts by companies looking for manufacturing partners.  
  • If you prefer to see opportunities in a table format, use the view toggle to adjust. 
  • Use the bookmark tool to bookmark opportunities of interest that you'd like to respond to later.
    • Use the menu on the top left to view your bookmarked opportunities.

      How to view opportunity responses you've previously sent

      • To view all of your opportunity responses, click "My Responses" from the left navigation menu. 
      • Here you will see a list of all opportunities your company has responded to and the status of the response.