Find Opportunities

Search and Respond to active partnering opportunities

How to search and respond to relevant partnering opportunities for your company. 

  • Click Find Opportunities from the left navigation menu
  • Apply filters to find postings that match your company characteristics. For example, if you are a manufacturer, you should set the "Company type" filter to "Manufacturer" to see all posts by companies looking for manufacturing partners.  
  • Bookmark any opportunity that seems like a fit

  • To view the opportunity's requirements and description, click on the ellipsis, and then "View"

  • If you find that your company is a match, send the advertiser a response by clicking "Respond"


  • Reply to the request and support it with a message and/ or files



  • Under the "Sent responses" tab, you will see all the responses you sent as well as the poster company's responses to your application


  • To review the details of any response you sent click on top of the opportunity.
  • Click "Cancel response" to cancel your response to the opportunity. 
  • Click "Edit Response" to edit a sent response. Note, this is only available only if the poster hasn't taken any action yet.


  • You can also edit/ cancel any response by clicking on the ellipsis at the far right of each request (only available if the opportunity is still open or if the poster hasn't taken any action towards your response)


  • Under the tab "Draft responses" check out any response to an opportunity that has been left in draft mode (although you may see a list of responses from the different users in your company left in draft, you will only be able to edit and submit your own)


  • Click on top of the opportunity to review your draft response
  • Click "Delete draft" to delete your response, or "Complete response" to finish and send your response


  • You can also delete/ complete your responses by clicking on the ellipsis on the right of each opportunity