Use Cases for Opportunity Posting

Opportunity posts will allow you to recruit new partners for an open opportunity, meeting a specific set of criteria

Opportunity posting is an efficient way of soliciting inbound partner requests from companies who fit the criteria you're searching for. 

Here are some uses cases in which the use of opportunity posts might help you and your company:


  • New market authorization, CE Mark, etc.
  • Launch new product, product lines
  • Acquire new product, product lines
  • Excess inventory
  • Special pricing opportunity
  • Specific needs:
    • Sales agents
    • Regulatory consultants
    • Market Consultants
  • Replacing an existing distributor
  • Shipping consolidation between manufacturers
  • Acquisition opportunities (Acquiring companies)


  • RFP’S, Tenders, Bids
  • Customer opportunities/ needs
  • Replacing existing supplier
  • Shipping consolidation between distributors
  • Current supplier shortages
  • Supply chain events/ issues
  • Competitive opportunities
  • Market disruptions due to regulatory and/ or product recall issues
  • Acquisition opportunities (Acquiring companies)

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