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How to make a Spot Exchange


Before making a spot exchange, you must have enough funds in your account to "fund" the amount you'd like to exchange. See "How to add funds" for more information.

To make a spot exchange

  • Click "Exchange funds" on the top right of the screen.
  • Enter the amount you'd like to exchange.
  • Select the "target currency" (the currency you'd like to exchange to).
  • Select the "from currency" (the starting currency you'd like to exchange from).
  • Choose the "Today (Spot)" option  and then click "View your rate."
  • Review your quoted spot rate.
    • You have 30-seconds to review your spot rate, if you do not accept the quoted rate within 30-seconds, you will have the option to refresh your quote. 

  • You may add a description for your company's reconciliation purposes (this is optional) and click "Update." If you do not wish to enter a description, click "Close."
  • The exchanged funds will now appear in the account representing the currency you exchanged to (the target currency). When you're ready to withdraw funds, see "How to withdraw funds" for more information. 
  • Your most recent exchanges will appear under the "Recent Transactions" tab.