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Filter and Explore Market Insight

Filter and sort market data and access up to 800 data points per market

Navigate to Find Markets in your left navigation panel. 
  • Set your filter criteria by clicking each filter category and selecting the criteria you would like to filter on
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    • Click "Apply filters" to run the search and see the results
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    • If you wish to save this search, you can do so by clicking the drop-down menu next to "Apply filters" and click on "Save as new search"

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    • Give it a name, and set its visibility (private, public or custom)

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    • If you want to reset your selected filters, click "New search"

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Other options

  • Use the drop-down select in which markets you want to perform your search (All markets, Active markets or Target markets). 

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  • Click "Add filters" and select the filters you want to include in your search

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  • Click "Edit columns" to define the columns of information you want to display with your search results

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